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The Cloud Bridge

Words by Ellin Hale Photography by Ellin Hale and Ding-jin Kim Gureumdari Footbridge, also known as Cloud Bridge, is located in Wolchulsan National Park. The park is just outside the little city of Yeongam in the Jeollanam-do province. Cloud Bridge is just one of the many sites to see within the park. There are also temples,…

The Holi Hai Experience


Words and photographs by Alla Ponomareva Holi Hai is festival of colors, the beginning of spring and of sharing love. It’s a Hindu tradition, originating from Nepal and India but due to its vibrant nature, it is now celebrated all over the world. You may have seen the colorful images of Holi Hai online, with its…

Empty Man


Words and photographs by Greg Timlin Heosu Abi (허수아비) is the Korean word for scarecrow. The component parts of the term literally translate to “empty man.” But to me, they are not empty at all. Scarecrows have been a fixture of farm-country since time immemorial – probably since the dawn of agriculture. Over the years,…

A Quick Trip to Jeju


Words and photographs by Robert Evans I’m just a dude with a camera who takes pictures of things. We’re basically everywhere. This isn’t a conceptually crafted photo essay set on exploring some crisis of the human condition nor do I intend to present the world in some new and unique way. This is simply the…

Seoul State of Mind


Ken Lum Lee is taking the rising star moniker and pushing it beyond all foreseen levels. Starting out by simply retelling of his adventures here in Korea (as Seoul State Of Mind), he’s grown into an omnipresent force. More than likely, you’re already aware of Ken’s work. If you’ve been living on another planet or…

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