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Tim Van Der Merwe


When did it all start? Age 10, turning our bathroom into darkroom with my Dad, and age 18 when my Mom gave me her old digital point and shoot. My family is pretty musical and creative, and at any point in time my folks will each have some or other project they’re working on. When…

Lorryn Smit


Which photographers had an influence on you, and how did they influence your thinking, photographing, and career path? I would say the biggest influence was Joe Wabe. He taught me a lot about the technical aspects but I think the most influence he had was with my concept of a good composition and what makes a good…

Ryan Bentley


Two adjectives that describe your photography style? I think serene and relaxing describes my photographs pretty well. I like to take pictures with reflections and sunrises especially out in nature. Those types of pictures are calming to me. I want to leave the viewer feeling peaceful and with a sense of solitude, especially as we…

Joe Wabe

© Joe Wabe 2014

How did you come up with the idea of PIK? A few years ago (maybe around 3 or 4) after one of the worldwide photo walks by Scott Kelby, I saw the birth of many different photography groups on Facebook and Google plus. I was impressed to see so much talent around, especially coming from…

Alina Mychko

Alina Mychko

How did you get started in photography? I started taking photos around 2004, when my mom found a simple film camera in a box with some film in it on the street around. Later I found our old camera; a Zenit ET and began taking photography more seriously. I paid more attention to the technical…

Roxy Hutton

Roxy Hutton

  Why Korea? My boyfriend (turned husband) and I first came to Korea in 2010 after a recruiter showed up at our university to talk about teaching In Korea. We didn’t put much thought into it and shortly after found ourselves in Daejeon. After a year, we decided to go home to South Africa to…

Peter DeMarco

Peter DeMarco

How did you get started? When I was a kid my family lived on Jeju Island for a year. My dad took a bunch of photos while we were there. After we moved back home he gave slide shows for friends. That’s when I first became interested in photography. Later I took a class in…

Lindsay Nash

How did you get involved in Photography?  I’ve been interested in photography since I was in high school. In my attic at home, I found my dad’s old film camera (a Pentax K1000), dusted it off, read a few photography books, and walked around everywhere with it. Then, in university, I studied journalism and had…

AC Parsons

AC Parsons

How do you get inspired? I would have to say that I am inspired by people. Landscape and cityscape usually do not change much. When taking photos starts to seem monotonous, I usually walk the streets of Daejeon/Seoul looking for good shots of people. On the streets I find a large diversity of people, in…

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