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Untung Subagyo

Untung Subagyo

      What inspires you? My childhood friend’s photos inspiries me How long have you been into photography? It has been about five years since It all began. I started using my first DSLR, and began learning things by myself, experimenting. Sometimes with other amateur photographers we met occasionally here in Korea. As a…

Kirsty Smith

Kirsty Smith

How did you get started? When I was at university I realised I was meeting all these people and having so much fun, and I wanted to have something to remember it all by. At that stage, I was just taking snaps of my friends. It wasn’t until I came to Korea (many years later)…

Jessica Marie Berggrun


Two adjectives that describe your photography style? Dramatic, sexy. Your photography 5 years ago vs. today. Five years ago, the only subjects to be found in front of my camera were uninformed relatives and friends that I somehow convinced to let me paint them, pour glitter on them, wrap their body in wires, or to…

Steve Robinson


Why Korea? Well I was a teacher in The UK for 7 years, which wasn’t very well paid, as well as being quite stressful. Also the cost of living was high, so I never had much in the way of disposable income. I was in my 40s and I just felt I needed a complete…

Leigh MacArthur


How did you get into photography? I got into photography through curiosity. I spent a university semester studying in the south of France and I had my father’s camera to document my time there. After I got the prints back, (this was before digital cameras) there was a photo that I had taken of the…

John Steele


Why landscapes? I have always enjoyed a challenge. I find landscape photography challenging and frustrating at times, but also very rewarding. I think many people think that landscape photography is quite simple – just find a location or subject of interest, set up the tripod and shoot. It is possible to get a good picture…