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How to use slow shutter speed


Welcome, everyone, to our first educational piece at the new Photographers in Korea site. Every couple of weeks we’re going to explore a new topic. Sometimes that will be a technique, sometimes gear, post-processing, or approach. This week we’re going to start simple with a technique that can bring great impact to your photographs, the use of a…

Fall: A Golden Season


Words and photographs by Nathaniel Merz In landscape photography, the golden hour refers to that beautiful hour each morning and evening surrounding the rising and setting of the sun. During this short period of time, the light can take on a quality that can turn an otherwise ordinary scene into something magical. If there were…

Phone Photography


Photos and words by: Andrew Cummings With developments in mobile technology and social media, there has been a rather fatalistic turn in some circles, and many are even predicting ‘the death of the photograph’ – or at least of photography as we know it. The increased portability of mobile phone cameras causes us to become…

Capturing Deliciousness


Most of us have done it. A fancy restaurant, maybe a little wine, and some nice light coming through the window. Your order comes out piping hot and beautifully plated…and BOOM. You pull out your phone and Instagram that bad boy. People have been photographing food more than ever. Some hate it, while some make…