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Monthly Critiques Coming Soon!

Marco Devon

The goal of PIK is to not only help photographers to share their images to a wider audience but we also want to provide educational material from local experienced photographers to improve the quality of photography in Korea. It always feels great to receive praise. Nobody can say they don’t enjoy the feeling. After working on an image…

Korea Instagrammers


In the past, Instagram used to be a fun way to apply a simple filter to make the crappy phone images you took, look better. Those simple times are long gone my friends! Instagram is now an incredibly powerful tool for photographers, bloggers, models and even business owners to get themselves noticed. With Facebook becoming…

Exhibition: VIDACOREA


Most nations invest millions of capital in promoting their country’s cultural identity through mass media as an investment. Such investments attract thousands of tourists and international capital every single year.  Promotional advertisement waves portraying popular landmarks, history, food, arts and music are sent everyday to the world, inviting people to explore the magic and hidden treasures…