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Tim Van Der Merwe


When did it all start? Age 10, turning our bathroom into darkroom with my Dad, and age 18 when my Mom gave me her old digital point and shoot. My family is pretty musical and creative, and at any point in time my folks will each have some or other project they’re working on. When…

Best of January

Sunrise in a Korean traditional video game by John Steele

Thank you to everyone who submitted. It was a great start to 2017. We received lots of great work with differing perspectives from all over the peninsula. We look forward to more submissions this month. Happy shooting and exploring. The team at PIK Magazine.

Ryan Bentley


Two adjectives that describe your photography style? I think serene and relaxing describes my photographs pretty well. I like to take pictures with reflections and sunrises especially out in nature. Those types of pictures are calming to me. I want to leave the viewer feeling peaceful and with a sense of solitude, especially as we…

Joe Wabe

© Joe Wabe 2014

How did you come up with the idea of PIK? A few years ago (maybe around 3 or 4) after one of the worldwide photo walks by Scott Kelby, I saw the birth of many different photography groups on Facebook and Google plus. I was impressed to see so much talent around, especially coming from…

Korea Instagrammers


In the past, Instagram used to be a fun way to apply a simple filter to make the crappy phone images you took, look better. Those simple times are long gone my friends! Instagram is now an incredibly powerful tool for photographers, bloggers, models and even business owners to get themselves noticed. With Facebook becoming…

Leigh MacArthur


How did you get into photography? I got into photography through curiosity. I spent a university semester studying in the south of France and I had my father’s camera to document my time there. After I got the prints back, (this was before digital cameras) there was a photo that I had taken of the…

John Steele


Why landscapes? I have always enjoyed a challenge. I find landscape photography challenging and frustrating at times, but also very rewarding. I think many people think that landscape photography is quite simple – just find a location or subject of interest, set up the tripod and shoot. It is possible to get a good picture…