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Seoul State of Mind


Ken Lum Lee is taking the rising star moniker and pushing it beyond all foreseen levels. Starting out by simply retelling of his adventures here in Korea (as Seoul State Of Mind), he’s grown into an omnipresent force. More than likely, you’re already aware of Ken’s work. If you’ve been living on another planet or…

Recording Memories


Photographer Jayne Cho:  Written by Duke Stewart “I want to capture their real, everyday life experiences.” Jayne tells me as she begins explaining how personally rewarding her photography has become. I’ve already heard tons about Jayne’s wonderful, unique personality and scanned through her various projects prior to our conversation. Jayne Cho is an excellent photographer…

Hunting for Perfection


Photographer Alexandra Sasha Don Written by: Duke Stewart   Searching for a hard-to-pinpoint subject that defines you as a photographer requires patience and is not unlike searching for an endangered wildcat, like the snow leopard. Do something that everyone expects and you’ll present the expected, with no surprises. Apply that mantra to creating your ideal…