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The Cloud Bridge

Words by Ellin Hale Photography by Ellin Hale and Ding-jin Kim Gureumdari Footbridge, also known as Cloud Bridge, is located in Wolchulsan National Park. The park is just outside the little city of Yeongam in the Jeollanam-do province. Cloud Bridge is just one of the many sites to see within the park. There are also temples,…

Monthly Critiques Coming Soon!

Marco Devon

The goal of PIK is to not only help photographers to share their images to a wider audience but we also want to provide educational material from local experienced photographers to improve the quality of photography in Korea. It always feels great to receive praise. Nobody can say they don’t enjoy the feeling. After working on an image…

Best of July & August

Joe Wabe

Summers on the Korean peninsular are bittersweet. They bring with them lush greenery and amazing sunsets only most of us prefer to enjoy these sights in the company of an airconditioner. Thankfully there were the brave few to battle through the scorching heat and humidity. Our summer collection this year boasts a colorful selection of…

Best of May & June

Best Of Pik

The months of May and June (although somewhat rainy) produce many beautiful scenes on the Korean Peninsula. It’s a time of fun weekend trips and outings for most and so the opportunities for both great portraits and landscapes are many. From colorful lanterns and busy temples to celebrate the birth of Buddha, lush and green landscapes and…

Spring 2015

Marco Devon

We’d like to embrace spring, this amazing season, with a collection of beautiful images taken in Korea, and submitted to us this year. This beautiful collection of bright vivid colors shared to you by you, proves why spring is often considered the most beautiful and inspirational period of the year in Korea.

Sewol: A Tribute


Words and photographs by Lisa Play and Will Hopkinson   On 16th April 2014, a ferry carrying 476 people to the holiday island of Jeju sank off the southern coast of Korea. 325 of the passengers were students from Danwon High School. 250 of the students perished in the ensuing chaos of the disaster. On…

Best of March 2015

Beautiful Colors

March (although still chilly and gray) represents the coming of spring. There is a sense of anticipation as the country gets ready for a sudden burst of color. One day is beautiful the next is still overcome by the jealousy of winter. This month’s editor’s [PIKS] showcase exactly that feeling of sitting tight and watching…

Best of April 2015

The skies are blue, the landscape colorful and the people are once again out and about on the streets. This round of editor’s pics was one of the toughest yet with so many great photographs coming through. Once again thank you to our community for sending in their work and enabling us to showcase some…