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Steve Robinson


Why Korea? Well I was a teacher in The UK for 7 years, which wasn’t very well paid, as well as being quite stressful. Also the cost of living was high, so I never had much in the way of disposable income. I was in my 40s and I just felt I needed a complete…


Exhibition: VIDACOREA


Most nations invest millions of capital in promoting their country’s cultural identity through mass media as an investment. Such investments attract thousands of tourists and international capital every single year.  Promotional advertisement waves portraying popular landmarks, history, food, arts and music are sent everyday to the world, inviting people to explore the magic and hidden treasures…


Leigh MacArthur


How did you get into photography? I got into photography through curiosity. I spent a university semester studying in the south of France and I had my father’s camera to document my time there. After I got the prints back, (this was before digital cameras) there was a photo that I had taken of the…


Street Photography : Uncoupled Culture


There is a term, coined gleefully by some, and looked upon with disdain by others, called ‘Couples Culture’. While certainly trans-cultural in biological or psychological necessity, this term carries with it visual representations unique to this culture we readers find ourselves living within. From prefabricated wedding halls physically dominating their geographic peers to coffee shops…


Sewol: A Tribute


Words and photographs by Lisa Play and Will Hopkinson   On 16th April 2014, a ferry carrying 476 people to the holiday island of Jeju sank off the southern coast of Korea. 325 of the passengers were students from Danwon High School. 250 of the students perished in the ensuing chaos of the disaster. On…


Seas of Time


Words by Simon Slater Photographs by Nathan Chesky   In the quest to find an interesting subject with a colorful past, it’s not often said subject arrives on a photographers doorstep. For Nathan Chesky, a photographer from Asheville, North Carolina, one morning’s rough awakening at a Korean port offered an enticing prospect: “I woke up…


A Korean Love Affair


Photographer Shuvra Mondal:  Written by Oisin Feeney   It’s hard to catch a break in Seoul city. It is a city that never sleeps. Some photographers choose to shy away from this intensity, shooting scenery and landscapes instead. Others delve into this world and street photography becomes their art. Then there are photographers like Shuvra…


Finding his Voice


Photographer Peter Blue Written by Andrew Cummings   As far as he can remember, Korean photographer Peter Blue (Yeong Seop Oh) struck up a relationship with photography around ten years ago, when he worked as a graphic designer. Finding it difficult to find the right images for his projects, Blue realised it would be quicker just…