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The Cloud Bridge

Words by Ellin Hale Photography by Ellin Hale and Ding-jin Kim Gureumdari Footbridge, also known as Cloud Bridge, is located in Wolchulsan National Park. The park is just outside the little city of Yeongam in the Jeollanam-do province. Cloud Bridge is just one of the many sites to see within the park. There are also temples,…


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Marco Devon

The goal of PIK is to not only help photographers to share their images to a wider audience but we also want to provide educational material from local experienced photographers to improve the quality of photography in Korea. It always feels great to receive praise. Nobody can say they don’t enjoy the feeling. After working on an image…


Lorryn Smit


Which photographers had an influence on you, and how did they influence your thinking, photographing, and career path? I would say the biggest influence was Joe Wabe. He taught me a lot about the technical aspects but I think the most influence he had was with my concept of a good composition and what makes a good…


Ryan Bentley


Two adjectives that describe your photography style? I think serene and relaxing describes my photographs pretty well. I like to take pictures with reflections and sunrises especially out in nature. Those types of pictures are calming to me. I want to leave the viewer feeling peaceful and with a sense of solitude, especially as we…


Joe Wabe

© Joe Wabe 2014

How did you come up with the idea of PIK? A few years ago (maybe around 3 or 4) after one of the worldwide photo walks by Scott Kelby, I saw the birth of many different photography groups on Facebook and Google plus. I was impressed to see so much talent around, especially coming from…