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A Korean Love Affair


Photographer Shuvra Mondal:  Written by Oisin Feeney   It’s hard to catch a break in Seoul city. It is a city that never sleeps. Some photographers choose to shy away from this intensity, shooting scenery and landscapes instead. Others delve into this world and street photography becomes their art. Then there are photographers like Shuvra…

Finding his Voice


Photographer Peter Blue Written by Andrew Cummings   As far as he can remember, Korean photographer Peter Blue (Yeong Seop Oh) struck up a relationship with photography around ten years ago, when he worked as a graphic designer. Finding it difficult to find the right images for his projects, Blue realised it would be quicker just…

Hunting for Perfection


Photographer Alexandra Sasha Don Written by: Duke Stewart   Searching for a hard-to-pinpoint subject that defines you as a photographer requires patience and is not unlike searching for an endangered wildcat, like the snow leopard. Do something that everyone expects and you’ll present the expected, with no surprises. Apply that mantra to creating your ideal…

John Steele


Why landscapes? I have always enjoyed a challenge. I find landscape photography challenging and frustrating at times, but also very rewarding. I think many people think that landscape photography is quite simple – just find a location or subject of interest, set up the tripod and shoot. It is possible to get a good picture…