Tim Van Der Merwe


When did it all start? Age 10, turning our bathroom into darkroom with my Dad, and age 18 when my Mom gave me her old digital point and shoot. My family is pretty musical and creative, and at any point in time my folks will each have some or other project they’re working on. When…

The Cloud Bridge

Words by Ellin Hale Photography by Ellin Hale and Ding-jin Kim Gureumdari Footbridge, also known as Cloud Bridge, is located in Wolchulsan National Park. The park is just outside the little city of Yeongam in the Jeollanam-do province. Cloud Bridge is just one of the many sites to see within the park. There are also temples,…

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Marco Devon

The goal of PIK is to not only help photographers to share their images to a wider audience but we also want to provide educational material from local experienced photographers to improve the quality of photography in Korea. It always feels great to receive praise. Nobody can say they don’t enjoy the feeling. After working on an image…

How to use slow shutter speed


Welcome, everyone, to our first educational piece at the new Photographers in Korea site. Every couple of weeks we’re going to explore a new topic. Sometimes that will be a technique, sometimes gear, post-processing, or approach. This week we’re going to start simple with a technique that can bring great impact to your photographs, the use of a…

Lorryn Smit


Which photographers had an influence on you, and how did they influence your thinking, photographing, and career path? I would say the biggest influence was Joe Wabe. He taught me a lot about the technical aspects but I think the most influence he had was with my concept of a good composition and what makes a good…

PHOTO OF THE MONTH: Sunrise in a Korean traditional video game by John Steele

A beautiful sunrise moment captured by John Steele.

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Our Team

Joe Wabe is the founder of PIK (Photographers in Korea) as well as the blog’s designer & administrator. His background is in graphic design and he is currently teaching English and Spanish in Gwangju, where he’s also a freelance photographer. Some of his extra activites include: photo editor for Gwangju News and Revista N as well as  stock photography contributor for iStock & Shutterstock. He’s been living in Korea for over 12 years where he runs many different social networks.

Lorryn Smit is the editor-in-chief of Photographers in Korea and also manages the project’s content and social media accounts. She is currently a wedding and children’s photographer based in Gwangju and also the photo-editor for the Gwangju News.

My name is Dylan Goldby. I’m a Seoul photographer. I’m an Aussie national living in my adopted land of South Korea with my beautiful wife, Jeehe. I’m a Korean, Japanese, and linguistics major and was a long term teacher of young children. I’m also that guy who reads fantasy books on the train. What does all this have to do with photography? Well, not a lot to do with the technicals. But that stuff is easy. I’m a passionate individual, and I truly care for everything I involve myself in. I see in a way that others don’t, and am an easy going, flexible person to work with. I’m a regular contributor to local magazines like Groove Magazine. You can also find more on my facebook page. I’m also a photography teacher and co-founder at Flash Light Photography Expeditions where we share our technical knowledge and love for the craft.

My name is Marco Devon. I`m an English teacher and photography enthusiast residing in Seoul. I`ve been in South Korea for 3 years now. To keep it brief, I`ll be the guy roaming the streets on a Saturday or Sunday looking for frames to create and I`ll view it as a form of relaxation. My focus is street photography and portraiture, specifically environmental portraiture. I enjoy photography as it allows me to explore people and new places. It reminds me to live with a bit of purpose and intent to keep life alive.